The proven ecosystem and strong value proposition are our distinguished offerings to support your business in Vietnam. We strive to be your trusted partner and facilitate your fleet management, no matter where you aim to expand.

Edenred Our Network

We Bring Your Fleet The Best Journey Available

Manage the fleet-related activities anytime, anywhere, via only one simple-to-use online platform that can easily be accessed through any device with Internet connection.

Quality Assurance

With more than 50 years in the global industry, we have experience in selecting gas stations with high services and fuel quality. It’s our commitment to deliver outstanding on-road support so you can meet your objectives.

National Coverage

Take every chance to grow your fleet because Dibee platform can affiliate network of locations.

Strategic Locations

Gas stations in our network are carefully chosen to spread along main roads and strategic locations. Your fleet will always have the smooth journey with timely fuel refill and on-road support.

Multiple Options

Dibee is totally independent and doesn’t rely on any single brand. The competition and variety allow us to always offer the best solution suited to your business needs.

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